Charger DC/DC Buck-Boost 50A

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  • The Buck Boost DC / DC Charger has been specially designed to fully control the charge cycle of an auxiliary battery. It must be installed in vehicles equipped with smart alternator control (Euro5 +, 6, 6.2); its installation also ensures general alternator protection in lithium systems.
  • To ensure that the vehicle’s start-up battery is always charged first, the Buck Boost DC / DC charger supplies power to the auxiliary battery, but only when the engine is running (D+ detection).

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  • The Buck-Boost DC / DC charger can be installed in the vehicle’s original power line (smart connect), thanks to the By-Pass function of the built-in coupling relay, which enables auxiliary power to be maintained when the engine is turned off. It can also be connected directly to the vehicle’s start-up battery (dedicated line).
  • The charging profile of the auxiliary battery (Gel / AGM or LiFePO4), as well as the type of connection (smart connect*, dedicated line**) can be set-up easily by simply turning a switch.

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